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CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Distance, MCD CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Realize CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Redesign - Realize Remixed CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Liberation

CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Broken English

Karsh Kale ist zumindest mir bekannt geworden, indem er auf den Six Degrees-Travel Series-Compilations auftauchte. 2001 wurde sein Debüt Realize veröffentlicht, ein Jahr später gab's die Remix-Fassung dazu: Redesign. Er ist Mitglied der Tabla Beat Science, arbeitete bereits mit u. a. DJ Spooky, Herbie Hancock und Bill Laswell zusammen und mittlerweile ist er wohl der Repräsentant des amerikanischen Asian Underground, in den USA verschlagwortet als Asian Massive. Im Jahr 2003 erblickte sein zweites Album Liberation das Licht der Welt, nun im Jahr 2006 sein drittes: Broken English. :-)

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Distance, MCD

CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Distance, MCD
Distance, MCD, Six Degrees Records, 2001


  1. Distance (Radio Edit)
  2. Distance (Banco de Gaia Remix), Remix von Toby Marks a.k.a. Banco de Gaia
  3. Distance (MIDIval PunditZ Spoon & Psyche Mix), Remix von Tapan Raj & Gaurav Raina a.k.a. MIDIval PunditZ
  4. Distance (Mighty Junn's What's That Sound In The Garage Mix), Remix von Karsh Kale
  5. Distance (Capt. Groove's Trinity Plaza Mix), Remix von Gaurav Raina

Realize, Album

CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Realize
Realize, Album, Six Degrees Records, 2001

Karsh Kale (pronounced Kursh Kah-lay), the leading U.S. figure in the Asian Massive movement, infuses the traditional sounds of ancient India with post-millenial electronic dance styles suc as trance and drum'n'bass. Blending sarangi, flutes and vocals with hypnotic electronica on Realize, his Six Degrees Travel Series debut, Kale carves his own unique niche in pan-global music.

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  1. Empty Hands
  2. Distance
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Anja
  5. Home
  6. Satellite
  7. One Step Beyond
  8. Saajana
  9. Conception
  10. Light Up The Love
  11. Deepest Blue
  12. Fabric
  13. Longing

Die Musiker des Albums

Gbatokai Dakinah Jr. (bass), Kirk Douglas (guitar), Yosi Fine (bass), Gigi (vocals), Steve Gorn (bansuri), Karsh Kale (tabla, drum loops, percussion loops, drum kit, keyboards, piano, drum and tabla programming, programming, low end, arpegiators and acid lines, samples, electric santoor, gongs and bells, vocals), Lalitya Munshaw (vocals), Ajay Prasanna (bansuri), Gaurav Raina (drum programming, low end, samples), Pandit Ramesh Misra (sarangi), Falguni Shah (vocals), Vidya Shah (vocals), Shahid Siddiqui (vocals, guitar), Ustad Sultan Khan (vocals, sarangi), Vishal Vaid (vocals) (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge)

Realize - Redesign Remixed, Remix-Album

CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Redesign - Realize Remixed
Redesign - Realize Remixed, Remix-Album, Six Degrees Records, 2002

again...realize reborn - reinvented and redesigned

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  1. Saajana (Ming and FS Mix), Remix von Aaron Albano & Fred Sargolini a.k.a. ming and fs
    junkyard D+B pioneers...patrolling the junglist landscape of NYC and beyond -
  2. Destroy The Icon (Bone Cruise Mix), Remix von Karsh Kale
    this is a full pressure preview of journeys to come -
  3. One Step Beyond (DJ Spooky Datalife 2002 Mix), Remix von Paul Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid
    the subliminal one strikes back...it's riddim warfare NYC -
  4. Deepest Blue (KK's Deepest Brooklyn Mix), Remix von Karsh Kale - - deep in the jeep...alternate mix -
  5. Home (MIDIval PunditZ Higher Salvation Mix), Remix von Gaurav Raina & Tapan Raj a.k.a. MIDIval PunditZ
    the most dangerous duo from Delhi...callin' out salvation to the cyber mehfil massive -
  6. Distance (Banco de Gaia Remix), Remix von Toby Marks a.k.a. Banco de Gaia
    ...flying through uncharted landscapes -
  7. Empty Hands (Bill Laswell Mix), Reconstruction & Mix-Translation von Bill Laswell
    dubwise guru...the original scientist descends -
  8. Light Up The Love (Mighty Junn Summer of XAI Mix), Remix von the Mighty Junn
    the first of many...it's the summer of love -
  9. Home (Navdeep's Pressure Mix), Remix von Navdeep
    blazin' a trail of turn-tabla pressure...Mutiny NYC's weapon X...Nav goes Deep on this one -
  10. Empty Hands (DK Pyar Amor Mix), Remix von dk and f intl
    this chai gets me high...NYC's Original GEN Om-Girl -
  11. Anja (Mother Earth Mix), Remix von Karsh Kale
    in honor of the mother that brings new life -
  12. Home (Mukul Acid Lullaby), Remix von Mukul
    careful...this one is dusted...Anokha's chillout master at work -

Liberation, Album

CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Liberation
Liberation, Album, Six Degrees Records, 2003

Liberation is a story about rebirth. It is a journey set in a world of dualities. Reality and Fantasy, the tangible and the spiritual all at once. I started this journey in New York with my Band Realize, laying down the foundation for a story taht would travel through many cities before its completion... Paris, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madras, Bali, Bangkok, Pune, Tokyo, NYC, LA nad San Francisco each became backdrops for this album to be conceived, reconceived and finally...liberated. I was fortunate to have collaborated with some of the most inspiring young artists of our day as well as working with the ultimate in special guests.

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  1. Liberation
  2. Instinct
  3. Analog Mood Swings
  4. Milan
  5. Break Of Dawn
  6. Dirty Fellow
  7. Letting Go
  8. GK2
  9. Cinematic Reprise
  10. Epic

Broken English, Album

CD-Cover: Karsh Kale - Broken English
Realize, Album, Six Degrees Records, 2006

On Broken English, Karsh Kale balances his Indian heritage with rock and roll, hip-hop and atmospheric pop for his most diverse release to date. On his third studio release, Kale works with a talented cast of collaborators including MC Napolean, vocalists Trixie Reiss (Crystal Method), Dierdre (Ekova), Vishal Vaid and award winning Bollywood film composer Salim Merchant.

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I did'nt have to search for anything...It was all right there...I just had to pull away and there it as...the music unfolded like a chainletter or a game of telephone...and I was the operator...Patching people who never met through to each other...jumping between Mumbai, NYC, LA and Chicago to cast this ensemble of artists...To all speak kollektively, different versions...of the same thing. Each piece of music represents the sound that exists between the doorways of the worlds we travel through...and to communicate we speak in Broken English.

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  1. Manifest
  2. Dancing At Sunset
  3. Beautiful
  4. New Born Star
  5. Free Fall
  6. Drive
  7. Innocence And Power
  8. Hole In The Sky
  9. Some Things Are O.K.
  10. Louder Than Bombs
  11. City Lights
  12. Rise Up