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Nitin Sawhney: Introducing...

Musiker, Produzent, Komponist aus London.



Spirit Dance

Album, Spirit Dance Records, 1993


  1. River Pulse
  2. Skylight
  3. Taste
  4. Spirit Dance
  5. Pieces of Ten
  6. Wind and Rain
  7. Twilight Daze
  8. Chase the Sun
  9. Spirit Dance (Dub Mix)

Die Musiker des Albums:
Nitin Sawhney (keyboards, guitar, all programming), Pritam Singh (tabla), Keith Waithe (flutes, vocal effects), Suhmita Ghosh (vocal patterns)


Album, Outcaste Records, 1995


  1. Migration
  2. Bahaar
  3. Hope
  4. River Pulse
  5. Market Daze
  6. Punjabi
  7. Ranjha
  8. Awareness

Die Musiker des Albums:
Nitin Sawhney (guitar, piano, keyboards, bass synths, tabla, drum, percussion, vocal loops), Aref Dervesh (tabla, dholak), Jayanta Bose (vocals), Natacha Atlas (vocals), Denise Anyogu (vocals), Iqbal Hussain (speech), Pritam Singh (tabla), Duncan Bridgeman (digeridoo).

CD-Cover: Nitin Sawhney - Displacing The Priest
Displacing The Priest

Album, Outcaste Records, 1996


  1. Oceans and Rains
  2. In the Mind
  3. Herecica Latino
  4. Saudades
  5. Displacing the Priest
  6. Bengali Song
  7. Streets
  8. Voices
  9. Pieces of Ten (Chandru Mix)
  10. Vidya

Die Musiker des Albums:
Nitin Sawhney (all programming, sarangee, tabla and flute samples, guitars, keyboards, basses, tabla, jembe drum and 'zendrum'), Jayanta Bose (vocals, tabla), Nina Miranda (vocals), Aref Durvesh (tabla), Devinder Singh (vocals), Charles Oleghe (rap), Chandrashekhar (violin), Chitraleka Bolar (vocals), Denyse Anyogu (vocals), JC 001 (beatbox), Balu (vocals), Kadri Dervesh (shenai), Steve Shehan (jembe drum), Badmarsh (drum programming), Shrikanth Sriram (bass)

Nitin Sawhney: Introducing...
Introducing Nitin Sawhney

Retrospektive/Best-of, Outcaste Records, 1999


  1. Migration
  2. Bahaar
  3. Hope
  4. River Pulse (Rain Mix)
  5. Market Daze
  6. Pieces Of Ten (Chandru Mix)
  7. Herecica Latino
  8. Displacing The Priest
  9. Bengali Song
  10. Streets
  11. Voices
  12. Oceans And Rains

Nitin Sawhney has throughout his career celebrated the sound of new British Asian music. Raised in Britain as a second generation Asian, Nitin has the remarkable ability to articulate the thoughts, feelings and hopes of his generation. Classical Indian melodies dance alongside everything from flamenco guitar to the deepest Asian club grooves and the most haunting of songs. Natacha Atlas (Transglobal Underground), JC001 and Shri (Badmarsh & Shri) complete this essential work.

Hand-chosen by Nitin, these 12 select cuts are taken from his first two LPs for Outcaste; Migration (Caste 1, 1995) and Displacing the Priest (Caste 2, 1996). These tracks provide windows to Nitin's work, for the full picture explore the original albums to appreciate a genius at work.

Shabs, Outcaste Records, February 1999 [aus: CD-Booklet]

Nitin Sawhney: Beyond Skin
Beyond Skin

Album, Outcaste Records, 1999

I am Indian. To be more accurate, I was raised in England, but my parents came from India - lnd, people, government or self - 'Indian' - what does that mean? At this time, the government of India is testing nuclear weapons - Am I less Indian if I don't defend their actions? ... Less Indian for being born and raised in Britain? - For not speaking Hindi? Am I not English because of my cultural heritage? - Or the colour of my skin? Who decides? - 'History' tells me my heritage came from the 'Sub' continent - a 'third world' country, a 'developing' nation, a 'colonised' land - So what is history? - For me, just another arrogant Eurocentric term ... I learned only about Russian, European and American history in my school syllabus - India, Pakistan, Africa - these places were full of people whose history did not matter - the enslaved, the inferior.

This is an album with a time span that runs backwards - it begins with the Indian Prime Minister - Vajpayee - proudly announcing the testing of 3 nuclear bomb on Indian soil. Vajpayee is the leader of the BJP - The 'Hindu fundamentalist' party. These tests first took place in 1998. In 1945, two years before the Independence of India, Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb, witnessed the first test of his creation. Afterwards, he quoted from the 'Bhagavad Gita' - the Hindu 'Bible' - in condemnation of his own creation. His quote ends the album. He quotes Vishnu saying 'Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds' as he breaks down in tears.

The western creator of the bomb condemning it in the name of Hinduism, the Hindu prime minister testing it in the name of what? Progress? Should India be thanking the West for donating weapons of mass destruction? If I ever have children will they discover their heritage through BBC news bulletins about radiation sickness? - or nuclear war with Pakistan? I wonder.

My mother and father are featured on this album - They speak with optimism of the future, while British Nazis like Combat 18 or the BNP rush to claim responsibility for nail bombing Asians in Brick Lane.

The BJP in India. The BNP in England. The first would define me by my religious heritage, the latter by the colour of my skin.

I believe in Hindu philosophy. I am not religious. I am a pacifist. I am a British Asian.

My identity and my history are defined only by myself - beyond politics, beyond nationality, beyond religion and Beyond Skin.

Nitin Sawhney 1999 [aus: CD-Booklet]


  1. Broken Skin
  2. Letting Go
  3. Homelands
  4. The Pilgrim
  5. Tides
  6. Nadia
  7. Immigrant
  8. Serpents
  9. Anthem Without Nation
  10. Nostalgia
  11. The Conference
  12. Beyond Skin
CD-Cover: Nitin Sawhney - Letting Go
Letting Go

Single-Auskopplung aus dem Album Beyond Skin, Outcaste Records, 1999


  1. Letting Go
  2. Nadia
CD-Cover: Nitin Sawhney - Prophesy

Album, V2 Records, 2001


  1. Sunset
  2. Nothing
  3. Acquired Dreams
  4. Nothing More
  5. Moonrise
  6. Street Guru (Part One)
  7. The Preacher
  8. Breathing Light
  9. Developed
  10. Footsteps
  11. Walk Away
  12. Cold & Intimate
  13. Street Guru (Part Two)
  14. Ripping Out Tears
  15. Prophesy

Die Musiker des Albums
Nitin Sawhney, Nina Rocha Miranda, Tina Grace, Chandru, Cheb Mami, Roger Henri Hutthmache, Dudu Falcao, Terry Callier, Mandawuy Yunupingu, Pinky Tuscadero.


MaxiCD, V2 Records, 2001


  1. Sunset (Nitin's Radio Edit)
  2. Sunset (MJ Cole Remix)
  3. Sunset (KVS Remix)
  4. Sunset (London Elektricity Remix)
  5. Sunset (Prophesy Album Version)
Cold & Intimate

MaxiCD, V2 Records, 2001


  1. Cold & Intimate (Radio Edit)
  2. Cold & Intimate (Nasha Experience Mix)
  3. Cold & Intimate (Landslide Remix)
CD-Cover: Nitin Sawhney - Human

Album, V2 Records, 2003

Sechstes Studioalbum von Nitin Sawhney - nach bewährtem Rezept, aber weiter perfektioniert. Weltoffene Musik mit asiatischem Background, zwischen Trip-Hop, Jazz, Elektronik und Pop.


  1. The River feat. Lardedarde
  2. Eastern Eyes feat. Kevin Mark Trail & Natacha Atlas
  3. Say Hello feat. Tina Grace, Jacob Golden & Jayanta Bose
  4. Falling Angels feat. Jacob Golden & Reena Bhardwaj
  5. Falling feat. Aqualung & Reena Bhardwaj
  6. Heer feat. Reena Bhardwaj
  7. Fragile Wind feat. Tina Grace & Jayanta Bose
  8. Promise feat. Jacob Golden
  9. Chetan Jeevan (Conscious Life feat. Davinder Vikhyat Singh & Reena Bhardwaj
  10. Rainfall feat. Taio
  11. Waiting (O Mistress Mine) feat. Zubin Varla
  12. Raag feat. Davinder Vikhyat Singh
  13. The Boatman feat. Jayanta Bose
Nitin Sawhney - Philtre (CD-Cover)

Album, V2 Records, 2005

Nitin Sawhneys siebentes Studioalbum Philtre wurde im Mai 2005 veröffentlicht. Das Album bewegt sich zwischen globaler Club-Kultur, indischer klassischer Musik, Bengali Folk, traditionellem Flamenco, Blues, Drum'n'Bass, Old Soul und R'n'B. The production, programming and arrangements are Sawhney's best yet and subtle links between songs give Philtre the feel of a film soundtrack or DJ set. For vocals, Sawhney has sourced his strongest line-up to date: from the regular collaborators to the new discovery..., schreibt die Plattenfima.

Die Gastsänger auf dem Album sind: Viktor Duplaix aus Philadelphia, die britische Sängerin Reena Bhardwaj, das spanische Kollektiv Ojos de Brujo, Fink (Ninja Tune) und die menschliche Beatbox Jason Singh. Wie bereits auf den Vorgängeralben sind auch wieder Tina Grace, Jayanta Bose, Taio und Sharon Duncan zu hören.


  1. Everything
  2. Spark
  3. Dead Man
  4. Rag Doll
  5. Mausam
  6. Journey
  7. Void
  8. Koyal (Songbird)
  9. Noches En Vela (Part 1)
  10. Noches En Vela (Part 2)
  11. Mirage
  12. Throw
  13. Flipside
  14. Brainwaves
  15. Footprints
  16. The Search
  17. Sanctuary
Nitin Sawhney - London Undersound
London Undersound

Album, Positiv-ID, 2008

Mit seinem neuen Album London Undersound schafft Nitin Sawhney wieder wunderschöne globale Musik, manchmal indisch, manchmal spanisch geprägt und Obwohl das Thema des Albums eher bedrückend ist, reflektiert er doch die Veränderung der Stimmung in London seit den Bombenanschlägen vom 7. Juli 2005: London's heartbreak has changed. Für sein Anliegen, darauf aufmerksam zu machen, kooperiert er hier mit alten Bekannten wie der Sängerin Tina Grace, die bisher auf allen seiner Alben zu hören war, und mit anderweitig bekannten Künstlern wie Paul McCartney, Ojos de Brujo oder Anoushka Shankar: This is an album of collaboration........ to capture the London I know.


  1. Days of Fire (feat. Natty)
  2. October Daze (feat. Tina Grace)
  3. Bring It Home (feat. Imogen Heap)
  4. Interlude 1 - Ghost Image
  5. My Soul (feat. Paul McCartney)
  6. Interlude 2 - Soledad
  7. Distant Dreams (feat. Roxanne Tataei)
  8. Interlude 3 - Street Sounds
  9. Shadowland (feat. Ojos de Brujo)
  10. Daybreak (feat. Faheem Mazhar)
  11. Interlude 4 - Identity
  12. Ek Jaan (feat. Reena Bhardwaj)
  13. Transmission (feat. Tina Grace)
  14. Interlude 5 - Tension
  15. Last Train To Midnight (feat. Aruba Red)
  16. Interlude 6 - Ronald Gray
  17. Firmament
  18. Charu Keshi Rain (feat. Anoushka Shankar)