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Flying Sparks 2014-03-29: Beatitude

Iskra - Flying Sparks 2014-03-29: Beatitude

Happy making music for you and my spiritual welfare in four parts between funk, soul, blues, psychedelia and their more electronic variations in the original or as cover versions.

Beatitude, Part 1: Scratch The Party


After the explanation of Kormac how to make a good party, there is time for happy making music. First, we have three instances of contemporary psychedelic Brit pop’n’rock by Kula Shaker, Jagwar Ma and The Temples. Then, back to the British pop roots: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in a mashup. You’ll often find mashups in Bollywood tunes, for example with the Bollywood singers Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar. Salma & Sabina Agha made a Hindi version of ABBA songs in the 1980’s.

God put a smile on your face, is Mark Ronson‘s opinion. That’s why the party must continue, agrees Kormac. The fever is rising with La Lupe. Even though the boots were made for walking (Muguette covers Nancy Sinatra in French), we can dance to soul which we got by Skeewiff, and we can surf together with M. Rux & Fog Puma. Finally, the messiah blesses the wine, because it’s still funny with Leo Le Bug, the Anakronic Electro Orkestra, and SoCalled.

Beatitude, Part 2: Behind Locked Doors


Part 2 picks up where it has left off Part 1 after Kormac has analyzed what men do behind locked doors: with tainted love maybe? Again, we have classics in the original, in cover or mashup versions in the mix.

Tainted Love by Gloria Jones is the 1965 original of Soft Cell‘s 1981 cover which has become famous. The original of the R&B track Comin’ Home, Baby was released by Mel Tormé in 1962. Bollywood tunes like to integrate elements of Western pop music. Two examples here provide again Asha Bhosle (together with Anu Malik) and Salma Agha. Jeena Bhi Kha is from the 1984 film Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki and contains vocal riffs and chord changes from Michael Jackson‘s Billie Jean. Good point to take Ed Smith‘s adaptation from the King of pop’s song.

Then, some Arabic influenced covers: The favourite Transglobal Underground did a remake of Whatever Lola Wants together with Natacha Atlas. The side project Beach Bellydance Babylon did one of Cole Porter‘s classic Night And Day together with Raphaëlle Von Glitz. Afterwards Village People‘s gay disco hymn Y.M.C.A in the version by Hector Zazou, Barbara Eramo & Stefano Saletti. JD Twitch put Bee GeesStayin’ Alive into a cumbia context. Jewrhythmics reinterpreted the Hebrew folk song Hava Nagila ("Let us rejoice") like a Donna Summer disco hit.

At the end of Beatitude 2, we have swing, soul, funk and blues by Club des Belugas, Renegades of Jazz, Quantic & Alice Russell and Amos Milburn as well as Serge Gainsbourg and Madonna covers by Mick Harvey & Anita Lane and Big Daddy, respectively.

Beatitude, Part 3: Hold On, I’m Comin’


Part 3 brilliantly begins with a Latin boogaloo by Machito & His Orchestra. A commonality with the subsequent track is the fanfare which was already used in BigM‘s Beatles mashup in Part 1. Aldo Vanucci‘s Naive is a beautiful cover of a indie rock song by The Kooks; the singer is Amie J. We continue with cool vocals: The female singer Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor alias Lorde from New Zealand won two Grammys for her song Royals in 2013. George Perin did the vocals in Cayetano‘s beautiful ballad about the circle of life. Amy Winehouse sings that love is a losing game.

The mood is lifted again by Palov & Mishkin‘s Latin clarinet track. Primal Scream‘s Loaded is transformed into a dub reggae tune by Nuffwish.

Then, some covers or reinterpretations of Yiddish or Israeli music: Akshin Alizadeh reinterprets Bay mir bistu sheyn (Bei mir bist du schön), originally written by Shalom Secunda and Jacob Jacobs for the Yiddish musical I Would If I Could (in Yiddish: Men Ken Lebn Nor Men Lost Nisht, "You could live, but they won’t let you") in 1932. The 1938 version of the Andrews Sisters have become famous world-wide. Another cool interpretation of the Hebrew folk song Hava Nagila is provided by Jewdyssee. DJ Cheb i Sabbah (died in 2013) covered Ofra Haza‘s hit Im Nin’alu in 2005 which is based on a Hebrew poem by the Rabbi Shalom Shabazi from the 17th century. Eddie C put the Persian song Gol-e Yakh from the singer Kourosh Yaghmaei into a relaxed house/disco beat, followed by El Molitos Nice & Easy.

The track Medicine Chest with the vocals of Josa Peit is taken from Nostalgia 77‘s new album A Journey Too Far. Some cowboy or Beach Boys music is provided by the Whiskey Barons, Don Air, and M. Rux & Fog Puma. The Smoove remix of the Brazilian Jazz Di Mezzaluna is taken from Fab Samperi‘s recently published remix album Power Bossa Remixed. Part 3 is finished with another reference to the Yiddish classic Bay mir bistu sheyn–by Watcha Clan from Marseille this time.

Beatitude, Part 4: Who Drank The Beer, While I Was In The Rear?


We start Part 4 with blues, swing and jazz, and with songs about happy making drinks like beer, rum, Coca-Cola, and tea. 😉

Ella Fitzgerald, Skeewiff, Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman cover Nancy Sinatra songs, Mel Tormé covers the most famous song by The Turtles.

After the Cuban Latin jazz by the Bahama Soul Club we have some more soul, funk and jazz by the Just Brothers (1972), Wolfgang Dauner (original is from 1969), Larry Williams & Johnny "Guitar" Watson (1967), Deluxe (2013), and Jasmine Kara (2012).

The "dance of the beatitude" is closed with a song by the Italian pop singer Elisa Toffoli (a.k.a. Elisa) from the soundtrack of Django Unchained followed by songs by Aldo Vanucci, Cayetano and Georges Perin.


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20 April 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2014-02-09: Ya Ma Le

Iskra - Flying Sparks 2014-02-09: Ya Ma Le

A Flying Sparks mix set with fine, Brazilian flavoured tunes between Samba, MBP, DnB, Brazilectro, Afrocuban, etc. …with some classic ones.

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10 January 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2013-01-05: Delivery 2013

Iskra - Flying Sparks 2014-01-05: Delivery 2013

So, this is supposed to be the first part of a 2013 review of mine – with collected tracks which have been released in 2013. Most of them have not been played by myself here before. The set mostly consists of Techno, House, Bass, Electro, and Breakbeat tracks. There are some with a Swing, Latin, Tango, Polka, Cumbia, Afrobeat, Balkan, or Global flavor.

Amongst others we have the following artists in the set: Daft Punk, Bart&Baker, Skeewiff, Parov Stelar, Various Production, Geiom, Example, Emika, Jagwar Ma, Moderat, Transglobal Underground, Da Lata, and Bombay Dub Orchestra.

Hope, you will like these caught flying sparks delivered in 2013!

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10 January 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2013-11-26: Soul School – Lessons in Pop

Iskra - Funkenflug 2013-11-26_ Soul School [en thumbnail]

Do you remember your school days? 😉 Anyway, here are some fine tracks between Pop, Funk, and Soul music, some of them with a reference to school episodes. […]

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10 January 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2013-12-01: Perfect Day

Iskra - Funkenflug 2013-12-01_ Perfect Day [en thumbnail]

What makes a day perfect? Relaxed and beautiful music maybe? Here is the test. 😉 […]

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