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Funkenflug 2013-08-31: Freedom Worldwide!

Iskra - Funkenflug 2013-08-31: Freedom Worldwide!

Ein Funkenflug mit Musik für eine bessere Welt: Freiheit weltweit!


Hier der Link zum Funkenflug als Hörvergnügen bei Mixcloud.


Hier die Playliste.


  1. Divine Comedy: Freedom Road
    Absent Friends
    Parlophone, 2004

  2. Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton: Freedom
    Django Unchained
    Republic, 2013

  3. Unusual & Electric vs. Jay Stoner: Stand On Up (U&E St. John Street Confidential Mix)
    Stand On Up 12inch

  4. Sono Rhizmo: Soledad
    Resense 011 7inch (Sono Rhizmo)
    Resense, 2010

  5. JFB: Fizzy Bubla
    The Fizzy Bubla EP 12inch
    Disco Cakes, 2012

  6. Chemical Brothers vs. Ward21: Galvanize Anthem (Version B)
    Galvanize Anthem 12inch

  7. Mohamed Al Ali: Mili Alay (Sway To Me)
    Sounds Of The Syrian Houran
    Sham Palace, 2012

  8. Snap!: Cult Of Snap
    World Power
    Logic, 1990

  9. Ambisonic: Helicopter Kinda Girl
    Helicopter Kinda Girl (MCD)
    Nation, 1996

  10. Clinton: Buttoned Down Disco (DJ Harvey Demon Fuzz Mix)
    Button Down Disco 12inch
    Meccico, 1999

  11. Stakka Bo: Great Blondino (Alien Abduction Mix by Monkey Mafia)
    Great Blondino (MCD)
    Stockholm, 1995

  12. Birdy Nam Nam: Engineer Fear
    Birdy Nam Nam

  13. Andrea Parker: Undercurrents
    Here’s One I Made Earlier…
    Touchin’ Bass Limited, 2007


  1. Frikstailers: To Com Saudade (feat. MC Maiquinho)
    Funk Mundial Vol. 8
    MAN, 2009

  2. Anakhi: The Anakhist
    Bhangra Fever (CD1)
    Castle Communications, 1997

  3. TJ Rehmi: Shaam Aye
    Invisible Rain
    Shakti, 2001

  4. Black Star Liner: Yeboah’s Jawz
    Twelve Inch Confrontation Mix
    Echo Beach, 2000

  5. Fun Da Mental: Dog Tribe
    …And Still No Hits (CD 1)
    Nation, 1997

  6. Herbaliser: Bust A Nut
    Ninja Tune, 1995

  7. Avalanches: Close to You
    Since I Left You
    XL / Modular, 2001

  8. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido (Mexican Institute of Sound): Cancion De Amor Para Mi Futura Novia
    Méjico Maxico

  9. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido (Mexican Institute of Sound): México
    Chusma, 2012

  10. DJ Moar: B.Batucada
    Cumbia’s Beat / B.Batucada 7inch
    Trad Vibe, 2011

  11. Banda Erotica: Flash
    Ultimate Brazilian Breaks & Beats Vol. 2

  12. Azucar Letal: Mirame Bien
    Azucar Letal
    Sub Up, 2000

  13. Omara Portuondo: Ella Y Yo
    Buena Vista Social Club presents Omara Portuondo
    World Circuit, 2000

  14. Up, Bustle & Out: Carbine 744,520… Che Guevara… A Dream Of Land & Freedom
    Carbine 744,520… A Dream Of Land And Freedom EP (MCD)
    Ninja Tune, 1997

  15. Farid: Freedom (Peak Mix feat. Sitali)
    The Sound Of Rhythm & Culture (Remixed)
    Rhythm & Culture, 2010

  16. Chris Joss: I Want Freedom
    Teraphonic Overdubs
    ESL – Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2008


  1. Fusing Naked Beats: Freedom (feat. Sandhya Sanjana & Houria)
    Witness Of The World
    Just Play

  2. Irakli Pirtskhalava: Freedom
    Eurovision Song Contest 2008 – Georgien National Contest

  3. Natacha Atlas: Egypt: Rise to Freedom (Basha Beats & Natacha Atlas)
    Mounqaliba – Rising: The Remixes
    Six Degrees, 2011


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