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Flying Sparks 2013-09-29: Discoteca Classica

Iskra - Flying Sparks 2013-09-29: Discoteca Classica

This Flying Sparks set has been put between Downtempo, Breakbeat, Bass, Jungle, Deep House, Disco, Classics, Latin Beats, Cumbia, Electro Tango, Asian & Arabic Beats.

It features new 2013 stuff from Various Production (a track about the number "500136506472"), Daft Punk (yes, their hit "Get Lucky"), Beats Antique (making a bass driven Banjo cover of that Daft Punk‘s tune), Quantic & Anita Tijouc (covering a Lauren Hill classic), Bosq of Whiskey Barons, Dunkelbunt, Skeewiff (who reworks a Waltz), Moderat, Bajofondo, Emika (yes, again), Four Tet, Mark Pritchard, Silkie, and Bart&Baker. This is accompanied with tracks by Aldo Vanucci, Cayetano, Filterwolf and others.

The set is started with Various Production who enumerates the number 500136506472 in its binary form, followed by two versions of Daft Punk‘s 2013 summer hit.

After some Cumbia and Breakbeat tracks, finished by Dunkelbunt‘s remix of "Ballroom Breakers", there is a small section influenced by classic music: Skeewiff invites us to dance a Waltz. Then there is a classic influenced East German pop song, followed by two Bollywood tunes taken from the Lagaan soundtrack, and Filterwolf‘s "Olympia". Emika contributes to this style later on.

Another section–one of Electro Tango tunes–is started by Skeewiff again. Etango, Bajofondo, Gotan Project, Dublex Inc. are the other contributors here.

Some Arabic influenced Bass tunes come from Ed Solo & JFB, Jay Weed, and Mayd Hubb.
Afterwards, a modern Jungle track by Four Tet is followed by classic ones by N-ZO & DJ Invincible, DJ Solo, and the Asian Dub Foundation. Then, there are some more Bass and Dubstep tracks by Mark Pritchard and Silkie.
Finally, we listen to Cayetano and Aldo Vanucci again.


To be listened on Mixcloud:

Track Listing

The playlist in the following.


  1. Various Production: 01110100 01110010 01110101 01110100 01101000
    Rush 7inch
    Various Production, 2013

  2. Daft Punk: Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams)
    Random Access Memories
    Daft Life / Columbia, 2013

  3. Beats Antique: Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover feat. Charles Butler)
    Promo 2013
    Beats Antique, 2013

  4. Quantic & Anita Tijoux: Doo Wop (That Thing feat. Iara Renno)
    Tru Thoughts
    Tru Thoughts, 2013

  5. Aldo Vanucci: Good Skank
    Everyday Games 12inch
    AVRB, 2009

  6. Bosq of Whiskey Barons: Never Feel Cold (feat. Mendee Ichikawa)
    Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera LP
    Ubiquity, 2013

  7. Cumbia Cosmonauts: Yemaya
    Tropical Bass Station
    Chusma, 2012

  8. Cayetano: Day After Day
    Back Home
    Klik, 2010

  9. Savages Y Suefo: Ballroom Breakers (Dunkelbunt Remix feat. Judie Jay)
    Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne 12inch
    Poets Club, 2013

  10. Skeewiff: Morgenblatter
    Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom
    Pedigree Cuts, 2013

  11. Arnold Fritzsch: Verlierer
    taken from compilation: Die DT64-Story Vol. 08: Pop-Cafe
    Amiga, 1998

  12. A. R. Rahman: Waltz For A Romance
    taken from soundtrack: Lagaan
    Sony Music India, 2001

  13. Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Vasundhara Das & Chorus: O Rey Chhori
    taken from soundtrack: Lagaan
    Sony Music India, 2001

  14. Filterwolf: Olympia
    Viva La Rave LP
    Filigran, 2012

  15. Moderat: Bad Kingdom
    II LP
    Monkeytown, 2013


  1. Prosper: Hmr (Ez Icarus Remix feat. Azaxx)
    taken from compilation: BBP Remixed (Compilation)
    Breakbeat Paradise, 2013

  2. Skeewiff: Tango De La Destruccion
    Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom
    Pedigree Cuts, 2013

  3. Etango: Discoteca
    Galileo, 2012

  4. Bajofondo: Milongón
    Presente (Limited Edition)
    Sony, 2013

  5. Gotan Project: La Musica De Siempre
    Tango 3.0 LP
    Ya Basta, 2010

  6. Dublex Inc.: Tango Forte (Mammoth Dub)
    Tango Forte 2 12inch
    Pulver, 2001
    Remix by: Baby Mammoth

  7. Bajofondo: Código De Barra
    Presente (Limited Edition)
    Sony, 2013

  8. Emika: Dilo 1
    Klavirni EP
    Ninja Tune, 2013

  9. Emika: Sleep With My Enemies
    Ninja Tune, 2013

  10. Ez Icarus: London Lights (Infamous Remix)
    taken from compilation: BBP Remixed (Compilation)
    Breakbeat Paradise, 2013

  11. Ed Solo & JFB: Egyptian Horns (Amen VIP Mix)
    Egyptian Horns
    Sludge, 2009

  12. Jay Weed: On The Nile (Douster Remix)
    On The Nile 12inch
    Grizzly, 2011

  13. Mayd Hubb: Cursus Chamanick Rmx (by Scanone)
    Sound System Station 12inch
    Komod.O Dragon, 2009

  14. Four Tet: Kool FM
    Kool FM 12inch
    Text, 2013


  1. N-ZO & DJ Invincible: Trippin’ On Sunshine (feat. Steff)
    taken from compilation: Best of Jungle Vol. 3 (Compilation)
    Low Price Music, 1994

  2. DJ Solo: Deal Wid It
    taken from compilation: Best of Jungle Vol. 1 (Compilation)
    Low Price Music, 1994

  3. Asian Dub Foundation: Power To The Small Massive
    Enemy Of The Enemy
    Labels, 2003

  4. Mark Pritchard: Duppies
    Ghost 12inch
    Warp, 2013

  5. Silkie: Jazz Dub
    The Lost Tapes 12inch
    Deep Medi Musik, 2013

  6. Bart&Baker: Peek a Boo (Rogan Remix feat. Kitten on the Keys)</q<
    Future Burlesque EP
    Entoukaprod, 2013

  7. Cayetano: Once Sometime
    Once Sometime
    Pale Sound / Klik, 2012

  8. Aldo Vanucci: Alone
    Love Is… Loops Vol. 1 12inch
    Good Living, 2012


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