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Flying Sparks 2013-10-15: More Than This

Iskra - Flying Sparks 2013-10-15: More Than This

What to say? Soon it’s winter. How it sounded last year, can be accessed here. But first, we have a look at a lake in summertime (look at the cover). This is accompanied with a relaxed mix of some fine music between funk, soul, jazz, blues, swing, and global beats. "More than this" is the mission as promised by Peter Gabriel and Joi who start this Flying Sparks set. We will have come full circle with Zeb and Lenni Sesar. The latter one predicts the return of one of the Apache leaders, Cochise. But, “you dont’ know”, said King Kooba in their Indian Summer album. Anyway, have fun by listening and swinging.


The listening pleasure is provided by Mixcloud, here the link.

Track Listing

The playlist in the following.


  1. Peter Gabriel: More Than This
    Realworld, 2002

  2. Joi: Mission
    One And One Is One
    Realworld, 1998

  3. Fanta 4: Es wird Regen geben
    4 gewinnt
    Columbia / Sony, 1992

  4. Solomon Burke: Cry To Me
    taken from soundtrack: More Dirty Dancing
    RCA, 1988

  5. Jasmine Kara: Try My Love Again
    Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad LP
    Acid Jazz / Tri-Sound, 2012

  6. Al Supersonic & The Teenagers: Lean On Me
    taken from compilation: Monsters Of Funk & Soul LP
    Unique, 2010

  7. TM Juke: Bee’s On Mars
    Forward LP
    Ubiquity / Tru Thoughts, 2006

  8. The Jivers: Do What (feat. Anqui)
    Do What 12inch
    Jazz & Milk, 2011

  9. SoCalled: UNLVD
    MB3, 2011

  10. Aldo Vanucci: Pretty Old School
    Everyday Games 12inch
    AVRB, 2009

  11. Bas Lexter Ensemble: Cuba Inside
    Resense 034 12inch – Bas Lexter Ensemble
    Resense, 2013

  12. Renegades Of Jazz: : Verano Del Corazon
    Resense 036 7inch
    Resense, 2013

  13. Etta James: I Just Want To Make Love To You (Edit)
    Hawaiian Bop Edits 7inch
    Hawaiian Bop, 2013

  14. Dave Bartholomew: Little Girl Sing Ting-A-Ling
    Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear 7inch

  15. Ann Cole: Got My Mojo Working
    taken from compilation: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (CD2)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  16. Eddie Hodges: I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door
    taken from compilation: Tarantino Experience (Take II, CD2)
    Music Brokers, 2009

  17. Syd Dale: Knock On Wood
    taken from compilation: Cinemaphonic Vol.2: Soul Punch
    Motel, 2001

  18. Don Ralke: Ritual Of The Cobra
    taken from compilation: Asian Lounge Vol. 2 (12inch)
    IRMA, 2003


  1. Little Egypt: Snake Charmer’s Delight
    taken from compilation: Eastern Standard Time (compiled by Alien Disko)
    Weltraum, 2009

  2. OMFO: Tipsy Djinn
    Essay, 2009

  3. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band: Ramadan In Space Time
    Egyptian Jazz: Ramadan In Space Time
    Art Yard, 2006

  4. Los Boppers: Alia Baba
    Alia Baba / Fever 7inch

  5. Louie Ramirez: I Dig Rhythm
    Ali Baba LP
    Fania, 1971

  6. Alice Russell: All Of My World
    Citizens 7inch
    Differ-Ant, 2010

  7. Ancient Astronauts: The Shining (feat. Azeem)
    Into Bass And Time LP
    ESL Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2011

  8. Herbaliser: Return Of The Seven
    There Were Seven
    Department H., 2012

  9. Herbaliser: The Lost Boy (feat. Hannah Clive)
    There Were Seven
    Department H., 2012

  10. The Q4: Goin’ Down (feat. Terryman)
    Sound Surroundings
    Project: Mooncircle, 2010

  11. Budzillus: Taksi Taksi
    Taksi Taksi 12inch
    Burlesque Musique, 2010

  12. Dimie Cat: Glam (Electro-Swing Remix)
    taken from compilation: Betty Boop presents Electro Swing
    Edel, 2012

  13. JFB: Fizzy Bubla
    The Fizzy Bubla EP 12inch
    Disco Cakes, 2012

  14. Nicolas Repac: Be Bop Vaudoo
    Swing Swing
    No Format, 2004

  15. Swingrowers: Red Duster Rag
    (Pronounced Swing Grow’ers)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  16. Savages Y Suefo: Sweet Relish (Original Version)
    taken from compilation: Global Bass Vol. 1 LP
    Urbanworld, 2010

  17. Jewdyssee: Beltz, Mayn Shtetele
    PanShot / Galileo, 2012

  18. Yma Sumac: Malambo No. 1 (Early Version)
    Voice Of The Xtabay…And Other Exotic Delights
    Rev-Ola, 1995


  1. Simon Resoul: Entre (feat. Kormac)
    Simon Says EP
    Stereotonic, 2009

  2. John Mayall: The Laws Must Change (The Empire Fantastic Remix)
    taken from compilation: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (CD1)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  3. Bart&Baker: The Swing Phenomenon (Radio Edit feat. Nicolle Rochelle)
    The Swing Phenomenon EP
    Entoukaprod, 2012

  4. B.B. Jerome & The Bang Gang: Swinging
    Creastars Europe, 1991

  5. Algorythmik: Andrew’s Break
    taken from compilation: Betty Boop presents Electro Swing
    Edel, 2012

  6. Treva Whateva: Havana Ball
    taken from compilation: Spirit of Electro Swing (CD3)
    Wagram / Ninja Tune, 2012

  7. Charlie Parker: Red Cross
    Now’s The Time (CD01)

  8. King Kooba: You Don’t Know
    Indian Summer
    OM, 2002

  9. Zeb: The Circle (Jugoe Remix)
    taken from compilation: Turntables On The Hudson Six Remix 12inch
    Wonderwheel, 2006

  10. Lenni Sesar: The Return Of Cochise
    Lenni Sesar LP
    Fania, 1969


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