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Funkenflug 2013-11-26: Soul School – Lektionen im Pop

Iskra - Funkenflug 2013-11-26: Soul School

Ein Funkenflug mit feinem Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues und Global Beats und einer kleinen Reminiszenz an die Schulzeit.


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Hier die Playliste.


  1. Intro

  2. Manic Street Preachers: Rewind The Film (feat. Richard Hawley)
    Rewind The Film (CD1)
    Columbia / Sony, 2013

  3. Maraveyas Ilegal: Ligo Prin Figo
    I Lola
    Ilegal, 2012

  4. Runrig: All The Miles
    Proterra (feat. Paul Mounsey)
    Columbia, 2003

  5. Cornershop: Soul School
    Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast
    Ample Play, 2009

  6. Dusty Springfield: Summer Is Over
    Simply… Dusty (CD1)
    Mercury, 2000

  7. Lippenstift (Lipstick)

  8. Big Joe Turner: Lipstick, Powder & Paint
    Electro Blues Vol. 1 (CD2)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  9. Jewdyssee: Zol Zayn Mit Mazel
    PanShot / Galileo, 2012

  10. Vor der Klasse (In front of the class)

  11. Fab Guiro: I Feel Fine
    taken from compilation: Monsters Of Funk & Soul LP
    Unique, 2010

  12. Red Soul Community: These Boots Are Made For Walking
    taken from EP compilation: A Boss Tribute To Nancy Sinatra 7inch
    Grover, 2012

  13. Helden (Heroes)

  14. David Bowie: Helden (Single Version)
    Best Of Bowie
    EMI, 2002

  15. Geschichte (History)

  16. Pionierchor "German Titow": Lied von kleinen Trompeter
    takenfrom soundtrack: Helden wie wir O.S.T.

  17. Taiga8: Cold East
    NRW, 2005

  18. Disziplin (Discipline)

  19. Lord Mouse & Kalypso Katz: Don’t Judge Me
    Lord Mouse & The Kalypso Katz 10inch
    Jump Up, 2010

  20. Die Sputniks: Gitarren-Twist
    Big Beat
    Amiga, 1965

  21. An die Tafel! (On the blackboard!)

  22. 22 Pistepirkko: Not So Good At School
    Drops & Kicks
    Bone Voyage / Playground Music Scandinavia, 2005

  23. Warum? (Why?)

  24. Wax Tailor: I Don’t Know
    Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
    Mole Listening Pearls, 2006

  25. Die Prinzen: Die Vögel
    Das Leben ist grausam
    Hansa, 1991

  26. Hausaufgaben (Home work)

  27. Nina Simone: You’ve Got To Learn
    I Put A Spell On You
    Verve, 1965


  1. Baba Yaga: You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    Secret Combination
    Fono, 2002

  2. Manic Street Preachers: Show Me The Wonder
    Rewind The Film (CD1)
    Columbia / Sony, 2013

  3. Eels: Swimming Lesson
    Tomorrow Morning, Bonus EP
    Satan’s Cock-A-Doodle / Almo Music, 2011

  4. Herbaliser: Take London (Intro)
    Take London (CD1)
    Ninja Tune, 2005

  5. Blossom Dearie: I Like London In The Rain
    taken from EP compilation: I Like London In The Rain 7inch
    Potential, 2009

  6. English For You

  7. The Valkyrians: Geronimo
    taken from EP compilation: A Boss Tribute To Nancy Sinatra 7inch
    Grover, 2012

  8. Betty Dittrich: Blondes Gift
    Gute Jungs, Böse Mädchen
    EMI, 2013

  9. Miss English Teacher

  10. Dialog: Miss English Teacher
    taken from compilation: Die DT64-Story Vol. 10: Podiumsdiskothek
    Amiga, 1998

  11. Lemon: Suzie Q
    taken from compilation: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (CD1)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  12. Troubles

  13. Jagwar Ma: Come Save Me
    Marathon Artists, 2013

  14. Electric Slideshow Soundsystem: Give Me Your Number
    Resense 025 7inch
    Resense, 2012

  15. Mathematics Lesson: Numbers

  16. Electric Slideshow Soundsystem: Give Me Your Number
    Resense 025 7inch
    Resense, 2012

  17. Wax Tailor: Magic Numbers (feat. A.S.M & Mattic)
    Dusty Rainbow From The Dark (CD1)
    Lab’oratoire, 2012

  18. American Literature

  19. Emily Jane: White Victorian America
    Victorian America
    Talitres, 2009

  20. The Gaslight: Anthem American Slang
    American Slang
    Little Eden, / SideOneDummy, 2010

  21. Too hip records

  22. Madonna: American Pie
    Maverick, 2000

  23. Music Lesson

  24. Skeewiff: Where Shall I Be (feat. Stars Of Harmony)
    Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks
    Pedigree Cuts, 2012

  25. Emiliana Torrini: At Least It Was
    Fisherman’s Woman
    Rough Trade, 2005

  26. Literature Lesson: Let’s Talk About Shakespeare 1

  27. Wax Tailor: Beyond Words
    Hope & Sorrow

  28. Literature Lesson: Let’s Talk About Shakespeare 2

  29. Keenan Wynn & James Whitmore: Brush Up Your Shakespeare
    Cole Porter – Kiss Me Kate


  1. Sports Lesson

  2. Skeewiff: Skeewiff vs. Eileen
    Three Piece Suite EP
    Jalapeno, 2002

  3. Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto: Homecomputer
    El Baile Alemán
    Multicolor, 2000

  4. Fleißig (Hard-working)

  5. 2 Unlimited: Workaholic
    Get Ready!
    ZYX, 1992

  6. Nina Simone: Work Song
    Come On Back, Jack 7inch
    Popcorn, 2012

  7. Vanessa Paradis: Gotta Have It
    Vanessa Paradis
    Remark, 1992

  8. Stereorekorder & alle Beatles (Stereo recorder & all of the Beatles)

  9. Die Amigos: Komm gib mir deine Hand
    taken from compilation: Die DT64-Story Vol. 05: Deutscher Demokratischer Beat 1964-1970
    Amiga, 1998

  10. Minimatic: My Zindy
    Resense 031 7inch – Minimatic
    Resense, 2012

  11. Space: Female Of The Species (Radio Edit)
    Female Of The Species (MCD)

  12. KT Tunstall: Universe & U
    Eye to the Telescope
    Virgin, 2005

  13. Ein schöner Tag (It’s a nice day)

  14. Big Light: Days
    Pop 2000
    SPV, 1994

  15. Example: One Way Mirror
    The Evolution Of Man
    Ministry Of Sound / Embassy One, 2013

  16. Dimos Anastasiadis: Psemata
    Allos Ego
    Universal, 2012

  17. Chumbawamba: The Morning After (The Night Before)
    Swingin’ With Raymond
    One Little Indian, 1995

  18. Cibelle: Underneath The Mango Tree
    Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel
    Crammed Discs, 2010

  19. Bim Sherman: Simple Life
    On-U Sound / Miracle, 1996

  20. Stereophonics: Have A Nice Day
    Have A Nice Day (MCD)
    V2, 2001

  21. Alice Cooper: School’s Out
    Süddeutsche Zeitung Diskothek 1972
    Süddeutsche, 2005

  22. The Forminx: School Is Over
    Our Last September
    Music Box, 2007

  23. Outro


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