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Flying Sparks 2013-01-05: Delivery 2013

Iskra - Flying Sparks 2014-01-05: Delivery 2013

So, this is supposed to be the first part of a 2013 review of mine – with collected tracks which have been released in 2013. Most of them have not been played by myself here before. The set mostly consists of Techno, House, Bass, Electro, and Breakbeat tracks. There are some with a Swing, Latin, Tango, Polka, Cumbia, Afrobeat, Balkan, or Global flavor.

Amongst others we have the following artists in the set: Daft Punk, Bart&Baker, Skeewiff, Parov Stelar, Various Production, Geiom, Example, Emika, Jagwar Ma, Moderat, Transglobal Underground, Da Lata, and Bombay Dub Orchestra.

Hope, you will like these caught flying sparks delivered in 2013!


To be listened on Mixcloud:

Track Listing

The playlist in the following.


  1. Daft Punk: Beyond
    Random Access Memories
    Daft Life / Columbia, 2013

  2. Bart&Baker: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Buy One Get One Free Remix)
    Bart&Baker Classics, Pt. 2: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Remixes EP
    Entoukaprod, 2013

  3. Swingrowers: Craziness
    (Pronounced Swing Grow’ers)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  4. D’Steph: Remedy (Makossa & Megablast Feel Good In The 90 Remake feat. JNM)
    Jalapeno Bass
    Jalapeno, 2013

  5. Example: Close Enemies
    The Evolution Of Man
    Ministry Of Sound / Embassy One, 2013

  6. Jagwar Ma: Four
    Marathon Artists, 2013

  7. Akkord: 3dOS
    Akkord LP
    Houndstooth, 2013

  8. Szare: Leaning Towers Of Concrete (ASC Remix)
    Djrum & ASC Remixes EP 12inch
    Mindset, 2013

  9. Various Production: Worse
    Version, 2013

  10. Geiom: 2-4-6 (Desto Remix feat. Terrible Shock)
    2-4-6 12inch
    Well Rounded, 2013

  11. Four Tet: Kool FM
    Kool FM 12inch
    Text, 2013

  12. Yasha: Strand (Palm Beach Remix von 4K & Tchamp)
    Strand 12inch
    Krauts Kitchen / Four Music, 2013

  13. Frida Gold: Liebe ist meine Rebellion (Robert Koch Remix)
    Liebe ist meine Rebellion (MCD)
    Guerilla / Warner, 2013
    Remixer: Robot Koch

  14. Deekline & Ed Solo: All Gravy (feat. Darrison)
    Bounce ‘N’ Shake (CD1)
    Rat, 2013

  15. Parov Stelar Trio: Doctor Foo
    The Invisible Girl
    Etage Noir, 2013


  1. Dutty Moonshine: Get Busy
    taken from compilation: Electro Swing Club Vol. 1
    Pashmount, 2013

  2. 4Peace: Harmonica Funk
    taken from compilation: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (CD1)
    Freshly Squeezed, 2013

  3. Dusty: Colors Per Minute
    Mood Matters LP
    Jazz & Milk, 2013

  4. Alice Russell: To Dust
    To Dust
    Tru Thougts / Differ-Ant, 2013

  5. Emika: Mouth To Mouth
    Ninja Tune, 2013

  6. Moderat: Versions
    II LP
    Monkeytown, 2013

  7. Various Production: Key
    VA7 Replicas 12inch
    Various Production, 2013

  8. Cumbia Cosmonauts: Tribal Amazonico (Makina Remix)
    Tropical Bass Station
    Chusma, 2012

  9. Skeewiff: Heatwave (Jiggyjoe Remix)
    Man Turns Animal Remixed
    Pedigree Cuts, 2013

  10. Bahama Soul Club: Ay Jona (Grant Lazlo RMX)
    The Cuban Tapes
    Buyú, 2013

  11. Da Lata: Um Amor A Mais (feat. Luisa Maita)
    Agogo, 2013

  12. Bajofondo: La Trufa Y El Sifón
    Presente (Limited Edition)
    Sony, 2013

  13. Sharon Brauner: Tango Apassionata
    Lounge Jewels – Sharon Brauner Sings Yiddish Evergreens
    Solo Musica, 2013

  14. Skeewiff: See Me Dance The Polka
    Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom
    Pedigree Cuts, 2013

  15. Ata Kak: Noema’s Tribute Edit
    African Shakedown 12inch
    African Shakedown, 2013


  1. Dusty: Lost In Andalusia
    Mood Matters LP
    Jazz & Milk, 2013

  2. Royce Wood Junior: Jodie (Djrum Remix)
    Milkyway 1311 / Jodie (Djrum Remixes) 10inch
    2nd Drop, 2013

  3. Benga: Chapter II To Inspire
    Chapter II LP
    Columbia, 2013

  4. The Asphodells: Beglammered (Richard Sen Remix)
    Remixed LP
    Rotters Golf Club, 2013

  5. Transglobal Underground: Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets) (feat. Natacha Atlas)
    taken from: Natacha Atlas: Habibi – Classics And Collaborations (CD2)
    Nascente, 2013

  6. Renegades Of Jazz: Green Leaf Woman
    Resense 036 7inch
    Resense, 2013

  7. Doctor Stereo: Angelitos Negros
    Resense 037 7inch
    Resense, 2013

  8. Bosq Of Whiskey Barons: More Heavy (feat. Kaleta)
    Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera LP
    Ubiquity, 2013

  9. The Cactus Channel: X-Ray Bear
    Wooden Boy
    Hope Street, 2013

  10. Illute: Viva La Ignorancia (Dingdongdilly Remix)
    Kargow 12inch
    Acker, 2013

  11. Beats Antique: The Approach
    A Thousand Faces (Act 1)
    Beats Antique, 2013

  12. Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground: No Guns To The Wedding (Nevenko Remix)
    World Village, 2013

  13. Moderat: Bad Kingdom
    II LP
    Monkeytown, 2013

  14. Boys Noize: What You Want (Chromeo Remix)
    Ich R U EP / What You Want Remxies


  1. Daft Punk: Touch (feat. Paul Williams)
    Random Access Memories
    Daft Life / Columbia, 2013

  2. Bombay Dub Orchestra: Bohemia Junction
    Tales From The Grand Bazaar
    Six Degrees, 2013

  3. Neemah: Nuits Parisiennes
    The French Touch Connection 2: Night Walk In The Past
    The French Touch Connection, 2013


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