28 February 2012 |

Eine bruchstückhafte Chronologie eines Freitagabends auf einer Record-Release-Party

Zoe.Leela - Record_Release-Party 2012-02-24 [thumb]

Bruchstückhafte Eindrücke von der Record-Release-Party zu Zoe.Leelas Album “Digital Guilt”. […]

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4 September 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010-08-13: The Ramadan Orchestra

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-08-13: The Ramadan Orchestra [en thumb]

After Ascension it’s Ramadan now. Because of this, there is the The Nights of the Ramadan festival in Berlin. The first event of this festival was a concert of the first big band of the Arabic world. The Syrian Big Band played some classic Big Band tunes more or less in an Arabic style, but the band also covered some well-known Pop or Rock tunes, for instance by Led Zeppelin. Being a bit too sedate at first, they became quite impressive afterwards, especially after the break because of the sunset, and after the rain shower. The darling of the […]

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16 May 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010-05-02: On a Sunday Night in May

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-05-02: On A Sunday Night In May [en thumb]

On a Sunday night in May I listened to some new (mostly) Dubstep stuff. In the following some information about this. Last week, Balkan Beat Box were again in Berlin to present their third album Blue Eyed Black Boy. My first impression was that the predecessors had more catchy tracks. Anyway, I like their fusion of different cultures and music styles because it represents the more innovative approach of Balkan music in my opinion. Same place (Festsaal Kreuzberg) two days later, there was the record release party of the Berlin band Jahcoozi‘s third album Barefoot Wanderer. My current favourite […]

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12 October 2009 |

Talvin Singh in Berlin on October 18th, 2009

Iskra - Blog Icon [thumb]

On October 18th, 2009, his tablas will be bubbling, thumping, and snapping at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Talvin Singh will perform his landmark, award-winning debut album OK, this time with an all-new lineup. The concert will take place within the annual Asia Pacifics Weeks Berlin and was coproduced with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. […]

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8 October 2009 |

Spark* & Bombay Boogie Night @ Mama Berlin, 09.10.2009

Flyer 2009-10-09: Spark* live & Bombay Boogie Night

8.30 pm early Friday night will see a little Spark* live gig with Badram (NY) and DJ Shazam (Berlin) at Mama Berlin Club. Spark* promise to “play a very eastern conglomeration of electro organic music, balancing somewhat between phattest beats & basses out of a groovebox (no laptop onstage) and live melody instruments”. After that at 10 o’clock, it’s Bombay Boogie Night time. The successful traveling party series from Heidelberg provides lots of nu school asian beats. With DJs Kerala Boy, Wekas Gaba and Shazam. Info: www.myspace.com/sparksoundz www.myspace.com/shazamberlin www.bombay-boogie.de Mama Berlin Club www.myspace.com/mamaberlinclub Zionskirchstraße 5 Berlin (Mitte) […]

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