30 October 2009 |

Late harvest

The summer is gone. We have autumn now. But, let us look back to late summer time and to great music, I enjoyed in that time: First, there is the the long awaited debut album Rise from the project Black Canvas, who are Mr. Melody, Rider Shafique and King Chubby J., already well-known from the work with Pressure Drop. ­čÖé Some tracks were already published as 12″s, now the album with quite nice reggae, breakbeats, drum’n’bass and hip hop tracks. Lynx & Kemo gave a nice DJ & MC set in Icon club in Berlin some months ago. Their […]

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14 October 2009 |

Ein Sputnik ist abgest├╝rzt

Ein Sputnik ist abgest├╝rzt (Collage zur Veranstaltung "Radio Geschichte: DT64" im Zeughauskino)

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe Radio Geschichte: DT64 wird heute im Zeughauskino in Berlin das Radiofeature Ein Sputnik ist abgest├╝rzt – Das Vorwende-jahr Bei DT64 von J├╝rgen Balitzki und Marcus Heumann pr├Ąsentiert: Am 19. November 1988 wird in der DDR die sowjetische Monatszeitschrift “Sputnik” verboten, die Gorbatschows Glasnost- und Perestroika-Politik nahe steht. Moderatorin Silke Hasselmann beginnt ihre Sendung bei DT64 mit dem Satz: “Ein Sputnik ist heute abgest├╝rzt.” Anschlie├čend l├Ąuft Aufruhr in den Augen von der Berliner Band Pankow. Hasselmann wird daraufhin strafversetzt, der beteiligte Musikredakteur Gr├Âschel bekommt Mikrofonverbot. Das Feature von J├╝rgen Balitzki und Marcus Heumann vermittelt einen Eindruck […]

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12 October 2009 |

Talvin Singh in Berlin on October 18th, 2009

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On October 18th, 2009, his tablas will be bubbling, thumping, and snapping at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Talvin Singh will perform his landmark, award-winning debut album OK, this time with an all-new lineup. The concert will take place within the annual Asia Pacifics Weeks Berlin and was coproduced with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. […]

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11 October 2009 |

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997) was a Qawwali superstar, the greatest of his generation (Rough Guide World Music). Qawwali is Sufi music from India and Pakistan with religious lyrics and swinging melodies. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was born in Pakistan on October 13, 1948. The British radio BBC Asian Network celebrated this date with a Nusrat Day on October 8, 2009. More information can be found on their website: “The BBC Asian Network celebrates the life and music of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the man that brought Qawwali music to the world.” His music lives on in the […]

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8 October 2009 |

Spark* & Bombay Boogie Night @ Mama Berlin, 09.10.2009

Flyer 2009-10-09: Spark* live & Bombay Boogie Night

8.30 pm early Friday night will see a little Spark* live gig with Badram (NY) and DJ Shazam (Berlin) at Mama Berlin Club. Spark* promise to “play a very eastern conglomeration of electro organic music, balancing somewhat between phattest beats & basses out of a groovebox (no laptop onstage) and live melody instruments”. After that at 10 o’clock, it’s Bombay Boogie Night time. The successful traveling party series from Heidelberg provides lots of nu school asian beats. With DJs Kerala Boy, Wekas Gaba and Shazam. Info: www.myspace.com/sparksoundz www.myspace.com/shazamberlin www.bombay-boogie.de Mama Berlin Club www.myspace.com/mamaberlinclub Zionskirchstra├če 5 Berlin (Mitte) […]

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