23 May 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010-05-13: Ascension

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-05-13: Ascension [en thumb]

Ascension. The trip starts in Argentina, we stay over in Damascus, make a detour to Berlin, then we travel along the Eastern highway. The journey ends on a strawberry field where we together with Zoe meet very closely the levitating president. The music on our trip? Cumbia, Arabic and Indian sounds between jazz and electronics, German pop, bass-driven music between drum’n’bass and dubstep as well as Beatles sounds from Mumbai, Istanbul and Washington. Remark: I ran riot during the Headhunter & Djunya vs. Indigo‘s tracks. 😉 As already mentionend in the Flying Sparks post before, here now both the […]

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16 May 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010-05-02: On a Sunday Night in May

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-05-02: On A Sunday Night In May [en thumb]

On a Sunday night in May I listened to some new (mostly) Dubstep stuff. In the following some information about this. Last week, Balkan Beat Box were again in Berlin to present their third album Blue Eyed Black Boy. My first impression was that the predecessors had more catchy tracks. Anyway, I like their fusion of different cultures and music styles because it represents the more innovative approach of Balkan music in my opinion. Same place (Festsaal Kreuzberg) two days later, there was the record release party of the Berlin band Jahcoozi‘s third album Barefoot Wanderer. My current favourite […]

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15 May 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010-04-11: On a Sunday Night in April

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-04-11: On A Sunday Night [en thumb]

I’ve just browsed through some nice music on a Sunday evening in April… It resulted in a mix between cool jazzy, Latin, Balkan and Bollywood tunes, I hope. One of my all-time favourites is the track I Love My Baby by the United Future Organization, here in a Norman Cook & Ashley Slater remix. The track got a new reverence by the The Jivers on the Jazz & Milk-Compilation Jazz & Milk Breaks Vol. 3. Recently, I listened to the remix compilation I Like It Like That of Fania Latin classics in more detail. I already had put the […]

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