23 August 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2009-10-28: Yippie Yippie Yeah!

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-10-28: Yippie Yippie Yeah [en thumb]

Before there will be a new Flying Sparks mix set (soon), here a flashback to one from October 2009: At that time I searched my vinyls to prepare a party and found the following. I hope, you’ll like the mix set between Funk, Big Beats, mashups, Bollywood and Global Beats and with some references to film classics. The musical trip starts in the East (not the Middle nor the Far East), but in the eastside of Germany, because there is a really cool soundtrack of an espionage TV series (Das unsichtbare Visier) from the late 60’s. After that we […]

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