30 December 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010

Iskra Review 2010_200

Year 2010 in pictures. All the best or 2011!

30 December 2010 |

Flying Sparks 2010-12-26: Explorations

Iskra - Funkenflug 2010-12-26: Explorations [en thumb]

Usually, it’s time for a review in the last days of a year. However, the last Flying Sparks set of 2010 is not really a typical review because I selected too much new stuff as well as some more classic tracks. Anyway, the set represents the year from my point of view: musically, personally and professionally, somehow. Almost everything has been enclosed: Sweet sounds and brute bass storms. Slow and fast beats. Music for sunny days on the beach as well as for dark nights in the club. Mainstream and underground stuff. Downtempo, electro, breakbeat, dubstep, drum’n’bass, house, minimal. […]

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