21 April 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2014-03-29: Beatitude

Iskra - Funkenflug 2014-03-29_ Beatitude [en thumbnail]

Happy making music for you and my spiritual welfare in four parts. […]

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20 April 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2014-02-09: Ya Ma Le

Iskra - Funkenflug 2014-02-09_ Ya Ma Le [en thumbnail]

A Flying Sparks mix set with fine, Brazilian flavoured tunes between Samba, MBP, DnB, Brazilectro, Afrocuban, etc. …with some classic ones. […]

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10 January 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2013-01-05: Delivery 2013

Iskra - Funkenflug 2014-01-05_ Delivery 2013 Part 1 [en thumbnail]

So, this is supposed to be the first part of a 2013 review of mine – with collected tracks which have been released in 2013. Most of them have not been played by myself here before. The set mostly consists of Techno, House, Bass, Electro, and Breakbeat tracks. There are some with a Swing, Latin, Tango, Polka, Cumbia, Afrobeat, Balkan, or Global flavor.


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10 January 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2013-11-26: Soul School – Lessons in Pop

Iskra - Funkenflug 2013-11-26_ Soul School [en thumbnail]

Do you remember your school days? 😉 Anyway, here are some fine tracks between Pop, Funk, and Soul music, some of them with a reference to school episodes. […]

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16 December 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-09-12: Wiped Out

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-12-09: Wiped Out [en thumb]

We’re facing the end of the year. Much has happened. We’re wiped out for the moment. Before we will hibernate, a last rebellion with old school and global beats drum’n’bass. But we will start with hip hop and dirty dancing moods and we will finish with UK dubstep pop. Everything is under control! […]

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