21 April 2014 |

Flying Sparks 2014-03-29: Beatitude

Iskra - Funkenflug 2014-03-29_ Beatitude [en thumbnail]

Happy making music for you and my spiritual welfare in four parts. […]

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20 May 2013 |

Flying Sparks 2013-04-28: Cruise 1302

Iskra - Funkenflug_2013-04-28: Cruise 1302 [en thumb]

The second installment of 2013 flying sparks. We are on a cruise to bass heavy beats between house and breakbeat. […]

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29 December 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-12-24: Sexy

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-12-24: Sexy [en thumb]

Sexy instead of silent and holy. Music across country. With a short session of TechHouse and Donna Summer like stuff. Feel the music. […]

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24 September 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-09-16: Into The Groove

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-09-16: Into The Groove [en thumb]

Why not start with some hits to get into the groove? – Why? The explanation is given in my blog post. – Then we move to some dancehall and bass tracks. We have two new tracks from Beats Antique and Delhi 2 Dublin in our luggage. We make a short stopover in Greece before we heavily celebrate Brazilian and Asian, Indian and Japanese drum’n’bass tracks… This is our outline. […]

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29 July 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-06-02: Music Is Not Fun

Iskra – Funkenflug 2012-06-02: Music Is Not Fun [en thumb]

This Flying Sparks set is a non-one-topic one, i.e. it’s across the board. It has to be this way this time. 😉 […]

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