16 December 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-11-11: Tomorrow In Your Eyes

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-11-11: Tomorrow In Your Eyes [en thumb]

Terry Callier, a Jazz, Soul and Folk singer-songwriter from the USA, died on October 28th, 2012. A little Flying Sparks set here to pay homage to him. […]

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24 September 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-09-16: Into The Groove

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-09-16: Into The Groove [en thumb]

Why not start with some hits to get into the groove? – Why? The explanation is given in my blog post. – Then we move to some dancehall and bass tracks. We have two new tracks from Beats Antique and Delhi 2 Dublin in our luggage. We make a short stopover in Greece before we heavily celebrate Brazilian and Asian, Indian and Japanese drum’n’bass tracks… This is our outline. […]

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2 May 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-04-30: 5 1/2 – Soundtrack of a Night.

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-04-30: 5 1/2 - Soundtrack of a Night [en thumb]

It’s already been a while, since when I made the previous Flying Sparks set. In the meanwhile, the winter is gone, the summer "suddenly" is present, Easter days belong the past already. Anyway, it happened a lot since then. I was busy travelling between Berlin and Paris, for instance. This current Flying Sparks set happened to be extra long: 5 1/2 hours for a soundtrack of a night. In the beginning with cool female voices, then with funky club music, from Brazil, Germany and elsewhere. Finally, soft and hard bass sounds between dubstep and drum’n’bass. Music which I’ve collected […]

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1 January 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2012-01-01: Happy New Year!

Iskra - Funkenflug 2012-01-01: Happy New Year [thumb en]

Some music for 2012, collected in 2011. Happy New Year! […]

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1 January 2012 |

Flying Sparks 2011-09-11: It began in Africa

Iskra - Funkenflug 2011-09-11: It Began In Africa [en thumb]

A Flying Sparks set from Easter with cool Afrobeats and beyond as well as dubstep and funky beats. […]

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